Casting call for Uncommitted Movie

Movie Buff Creations LLC is looking for casting for second feature film, "Uncommitted". NON-UNION / PAID. Auditions date will be anounced later.

Bhisma (Age 30 - 35):
Indian Male, Protagonist, good looking. He is an Americanized Indian immigrant Indian, cosmopolitan in nature, very deep thinker, sophisticated, entrepreneur, may have slight moustache and beard.

Reema(Age 22 - 28):
Indian Female, main female lead, good looking, well rounded built, very energetic, fast paced, sophisticated and liberal. Bhishma is in her love interest. Her ideology is similar to Bhishma.

Julia (Age 25- 30):
American Female, Caucasian,secondary female lead, Very Good looking, blonde hair, Roman Catholic, slim to average size. She is the girlfriend of Bhishma and is interested in marrying Bhishma.

Mahesh (Age 32 - 36):
Indian Male, Bhishma's best friend and works in a software company as a project manager. He is the husband of Manisha. He breaks down when his wife cheats on him.

Tom (Age 30 - 35):
American Male, Caucasian, Bhishma's Friend and business partner, liberal thinker.

Gary (Age 35 - 40):
American, Male, Caucasian, Mahesh's attorney.

Rajiv (Age 30 - 35):
Indian, Male. He is Bhishma's best friend, comedian, and overconfident guy pretends to be like an American (more American than the Americans!)

Gopal (Age 30 - 35):
Indian, Male, Bhishma's best friend

Esther (22 - 30):
Indian, Female, Gopal's wife.

Manisha (Age 22 - 30):
Indian Female, hot looking with sex appeal. She is Mahesh’s wife. She has an affair with one of the neighbors. Her husband catches them cheating in their bedroom.