Production Complete: UNCOMMITTED

Uncommitted News
The production of Uncommitted has been completed on Saturday 12/07/13. The total production days of the film is 25 which we shot on only weekends.
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  • Ashok Chaudhry
  • Roni Majumdhar
  • Ingrid Volset
  • Jai Ajna
  • Akshay Reddy
  • Menak Patel
  • Nisha Kalamdani
  • Nandini Raani Iyer
  • Riti Sachdeva
  • William Barnet

  • Story, Screenplay & Direction: Chandu Yarram
  • Executive Producer: Sanjay Currie
  • Line Producer: Dipanjan Chatterjee
  • Sound Mixer: Steven Young
  • G & E: Adam Tobey
  • Script Revision: Emilio IASIELLO